ACOPOWER 20A LCD Charge Controller with Accessories



  • 20A LCD charge controller with dual USB ports design, 3-stage intelligent PWM charging: bulk, boost/equalize, float; automatic system voltage recognition (12/24 V), automatically recognize day/night
  • Support 3 charging options: sealed -default, gel, and flooded (Wet Cell); suitable for deep cycle marine battery in RV, camper, trailer, boat, tent and motorhome
  • Accessories includes MC4 connector- for solar panels; SAE connector for pre-wired 2 Pin socket in sidewall of RV; 20A standard fuse; alligator clamps for car battery or 12 volts lead acid battery
  • Regulator for a protection of your battery and devices, stop charging after battery's full charge, automatically start when voltage drops
  • Connect the charge controller to battery firstly, then connect solar panel. Technical support and customer service in USA; based in California, ACOPOWER has 7+ solar industry experience ready for any assistance.

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